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INTEGRAL Instituto Superior de Diseño es una institución educativa especializada en el campo del diseño. Con una trayectoria de más de 20 años, ofrece programas académicos de alta calidad en áreas como diseño gráfico, diseño de moda y diseño de interiores. Su enfoque se centra en brindar a los estudiantes una formación integral, combinando teoría y práctica para desarrollar habilidades creativas y técnicas. Con un equipo docente altamente calificado y un entorno de aprendizaje moderno, INTEGRAL es reconocido como uno de los principales institutos de diseño en la región.

Dirección: Aráoz 2193, C1425, Buenos Aires, }.
Teléfono: +54 11 4824-5656.
Especialidad: Educational institution.
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Llamar: +54 11 4824-5656

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Cómo llegar al INTEGRAL Instituto Superior de Diseño y qué es

Integral Education Institute is a prestigious educational institution located at Aráoz 2193 in Buenos Aires. With a focus on design, this institute offers a wide range of courses and programs to help students develop their skills and pursue their passion in the design field.

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At Integral Institute, students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced and dedicated instructors who are committed to providing a top-quality education. The institute prides itself on its innovative teaching methods and its ability to adapt to the ever-changing design industry.

With a strong emphasis on practical experience, students at Integral Institute have the opportunity to work on real-world projects and collaborate with industry professionals. This hands-on approach ensures that students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career path.

Integral Institute is highly regarded by its students and has received a remarkable rating of 44989 out of 5. This is a testament to the institute’s commitment to excellence and its ability to meet the needs and expectations of its students.

Whether you are a high school graduate looking to pursue a career in design or a professional looking to enhance your skills, Integral Institute is the perfect place to achieve your goals. Join us and become part of a vibrant and creative community dedicated to design education.

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Teléfonos y contactos del INTEGRAL Instituto Superior de Diseño

Integral Education Institute is a renowned institution that specializes in superior design education. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, it offers a wide range of courses to students who are passionate about the world of design.

The institute is dedicated to providing top-notch education and equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen field. With experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, students at Integral Institute are exposed to a dynamic learning environment.

At Integral Institute, students can choose from a variety of courses that cater to different design disciplines. From graphic design to interior design, fashion design to product design, the institute offers comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of the design industry.

Some of the flagship courses offered at Integral Institute include:

  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Fashion Design and Styling
  • Product Design and Development
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These courses are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in their chosen field, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Graduates from Integral Institute have gone on to have successful careers in design, working for prestigious companies and making a significant impact in the industry.

To learn more about the courses and programs offered at Integral Institute, or to schedule a visit, please contact us at +54 11 4824-5656. Our friendly staff is available to assist you from 9 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday. You can also visit our website for more information and to get in touch with us.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pursue your passion for design at Integral Institute. Contact us today and take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career in the design industry!